what is i-tab?

Its All About the Right Thing.....

i-tab is all about doing the right thing. The right tab - approved by the artist. The right way to play - scrolling in perfect time. The right way to do business - with full licenses and making sure that the royalties are fully paid. And, most importantly, bringing chord and lyric tab out of the shadows to a place where quality and transparency mean that your enjoyment of your favourite songs also benefits those who can be helped and healed by music.

Where we are

for users

Perfect Timing

Lyrics and chords scrolling in perfect tempo. No autoscroll. No swiping. Enjoy Offline and play along to the built-in metronome or your own MP3 track in perfect synchronisation.

100% Accurate

Our tabs are verified by us and the artists themselves. You wont find 81 different versions of "Stairway to Heaven", just the right one, just as it was written - so that you can enjoy playing it with confidence.

Share the Love

Music is ultimately about sharing. Over a quarter of all i-tab revenue goes to the i-tab Foundation, supporting Music Education and Therapy Charities. Every time you play a song you can feel good knowing that you have just given something back.

App Features

    • Chords & Lyrics Scrolling in Perfect Time
    • Active Chord Display
    • Intelligent Chord Display
    • User adjustable tempo
    • Play with Built in Metronome or MP3
    • User defined metronome style - visual or audio
    • User defined audio metronome sound
    • Song Detail Display¬† (Key, Capo, and tabber notes)
    • Setlist function
    • App Personalisation (Screen Colour, font size and highlight colour)
    • Offline Playing (use in airplane mode)
    • In App Storage (can store up to 2000 tabs)
Here's a few screen grabs of the new app design showing how neat and easy i-tab is
Library2 Main Menu Manage Screen Settings tab player
All scrolling beautifully in perfect time.

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for artists and publishers

Tabbed by Artist

There are 81 versions of "Stairway" available online - how many of them are correct? In talking to Artists, we have found a level of frustration that this popular method of sharing your music can cause such annoyance to your fans. i-tab offers you, the writer and/or performer, the chance to create or verify your songs so that you can ensure that your work is represented as accurately online as it in in sheet music form. To talk to us about validating or tabbing your catalogue, email us at


Full royalty accounting, licensing and partnership with rights owners, are core principles at i-tab. For many years guitar tab and chord/lyric tab have occupied a murky world of inaccuracy, illegality and exploitation of artists and their entitlements. i-tab moves guitar tab into a new era of openness, transparency and ethical strength. To talk to us about rights, licensing and mutual benefit, email us at

Charity Work

Music is about people, emotion and generosity. Over a quarter of all i-tab revenue goes to the i-tab Foundation, supporting Music Education and Therapy Charities. i-tab are asking artists, publishers and writers to get involved by helping to spread the word about the "new way" in tabbing. We have press kits, social media campaigns and endorsement programs to allow artists to turn their fans love of their music into a force for change through help and healing via the various music therapy and education charities that we support. To find out more email us at

making music matter