lyrics and chords in perfect time


why i-tab does it so much better

in perfect time

no other app scrolls lyrice and chords in time with a track, or a metronome. Leaving your hands free to play.

active chords

i-tab shows the chord fingering along with the song so that you can get that essential glimpse of the chord as you play.

always right

we wont have 16 versions of stairway in our library. Our songs will be tabbed by artists and professionals so that you get the right version.

tiny files

each tab file is less than 5k, so that means you can hold up to 2000 songs within the app, play offline, and not clog up that valuable storage.

How It Works

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Unlimited Songs

i-tab will give you full access to a complete library of songs. No add-ons, limits on downloads, or other nonsense.
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i-tab is being offered free for the first few months so we can get feedback from the community, and make sure that it’s perfect. Once that’s done then we will upload the library and either ask for a few dollars a year, or fund our royalty payments with some ads on library and account screens.
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look, no hands!

Because i-tab files scroll in time, you keep your hands where they should be – on the guitar! Auto-scroll, you say? No thanks, we say! Its all about the timing….
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doing good

a decent portion of our revenues will go to some very worthwhile music education and therapy charities. Another reason to feel good about playing with i-tab.

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